Yporque. Perfect for playing and keeping cool vibes.

Yporque. Perfect for playing and keeping cool vibes. June 4, 2017

If your children have an edgy flare with a keen eye for trendy rock n’ roll clothing, yporque is where it is at. With its clothing, perfect for playing and keeping their cool vibes; your child will enjoy being able to express this side through yporque. “Y por que” is a Spanish term for why. This is a comical name for a clothing brand because it shows how much the brand really understands children. All children really want to know is, why. Children are asking “why,” because they don’t have the answer and they constantly want to learn. Por que, yporque?


It is designed to be an interactive clothing brand by stimulating all five senses. The five senses are tested through the sounds, textures, games or, glow-in- the dark images on the clothing. This is quite a clever way to get children interested beyond just the base of the clothing but, to grasp the concept of learning while wearing it. This brand was designed by three women who have degrees in design, advertising and psychology. By incorporating all their degrees, they created an interactive children’s clothing collection. With yporque each child can develop their skills while still being “… interactive and playful…” which is what the brand represents.

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