WOW in the World, a podcast for kids with a WOW factor!

First Ever Podcast For Children And It's Absolutely Amazing!

WOW in the World, a podcast for kids with a WOW factor! June 13, 2017
Wow in the World

Many people already know and love NPR, and they have come to love the programming and reporting coming out from this trusted network. Being produced by Tinkercast and distributed by NPR, the new children’s podcast called “Wow in the World” represents the future of high-quality educational children’s programming. This podcast marks the first ever NPR-distributed program that is exclusively geared toward children throughout the entire forty-seven-year history of the NPR network.

Hosting the new NPR children’s podcast known as “Wow in the World” are Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, two upbeat and friendly hosts who guide kids who love to learn through a range of different fun-filled lessons and presentations. During each and every episode of “Wow in the World”, Guy and Mindy help kids explore environments like outer space, subjects like technology and science, along with explorations involving the mind and body. These two hosts help make this first ever NPR children’s podcast funny, enlightening, educational, and perfect for communicating intellectual ideas on the level of a child’s understanding.

guy raz-mandy thomas

In a kind of ironic twist, the new “Wow in the World” children’s podcast on NPR networks is presented on a more antiquated kind of communications which uses audio to broadcast the show to kids and parents alike. One of the mission statements behind the “Wow in the World” program has to do with getting children to distance themselves a little bit from the intensive screen technologies like television, smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. These technologies can become addictive for the developing mind of a child, and so getting away from these devices for a while to listen to Guy and Mindy whisk us away to a land of education, science, fantasy, excitement, and humor can be a very therapeutic and positive influence for kids. Get your children together and sit down for an episode of “Wow in the World” today!

guy raz mandy thomas wow in the world

Let’s take you behind the scenes. We asked WOW in the world, what it takes to produce this high-quality episode?

Sometimes, it does take us more that one week to put this show together.
Here’s how it works: we read and scour scientific journals for amazing new discoveries happening right now in our world all the time. When we see something we think is a BIG WOW, we then write up scripts weaving in this new science and a bunch of silly. This takes us a few days. We then spend a day in our recording studio recording these scripts. Once recorded and edited down to the best takes, we sent them off to our producer to add in all the extra sound effects and music. We then post the final audio file on a few days before the show gets sent to your listening device. You and your family get to listen to it at home or in the car or wherever you happen to find yourself in search of some WOW!

Photography credit Tinkercast. Listen to the coolest new episodes.

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