Nubë 9. Handmade in Europe, timeless, and exclusive.

Nubë 9. Handmade in Europe, timeless, and exclusive. July 5, 2017
Nubë 9

Whimsical and rustic Nubë 9 has aspects of Alice In Wonderland and The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe in their collections. What child wouldn’t want to venture down the rabbit hole and have tea parties or walk through the wardrobe and fight the battle in Narina. Let the adventures begin in NUBE 9 clothing. NUBE 9’s “Three Obsessions Are: Handmade in Europe Timeless and Exclusive” (Nube ).

Nubë 9

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They want to bring a European flare to your child’s wardrobe while awakening their senses. Nube 9 has taken the most luxurious fabrics to create a collection that is soft and gentle on your children’s skin. Designs from designers under Nube 9 have been featured in magazines such as InStyle and seen on the Princess of Spain. There are six designers each collection made as if it has stepped out of a fairytale. Belle chiara has slippers that are fit for a princess; your little princess can even become a ballerina.

Nubë 9

Papinee is bringing toys books accessories and storytelling kits for your child to learn skills and inspire future leaders. Casilda Y Jimena designs beautiful knitwear with her focus toward quality and craftsmanship. Nanos was established in 1963 with the idea that the designs would focus on new ideas shapes and textures. Becoming a fairy princess is what Rubio Kids collection inspires. They design each piece to celebrate a special occasion in a child’s life. Un pie en Versailles shop brings you back to a time of elegance and class. They mention that it is Marie Antoinette inspired for children of this century.

Each of these designers on Nubë 9 exuberate elegance, grace, and the wonder of what it is to be a child. All children imagine and play in a fairytale world and a little piece can be brought into their reality through Nubë 9. Let you child discover the wonder of each store with their desire to express their individuality through their clothing.

Handmade in Europe, timeless, and exclusive: Nubë 9!

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