The New Victory Theater

The New Victory Theater June 11, 2017
The New Victory Theater

For families living in the New York area, the world’s greatest hub of theater and arts is right in your backyard. Regularly taking your kids to innovative new shows at the New Victory Theater can open their minds to creative possibilities. There they’ll see things they would never experience through home entertainment. Television programming can’t compare to the experience kids can glean from the theater. The colors, costumes, and language of theater is a face-to-face connection that brings art to the forefront. It also exposes kids to dozens of amazing talents they may want to develop within themselves.

Family-friendly New York Theater

New York is known as an epicenter of theater and art. The city continually proves to be a fantastic spot for kids to cultivate an interest in the fine arts. Navigating the vast world of New York theater may seem complicated, but at the New Victory Theater you’ll find child safe-theater and art experiences. Prepare to wow the whole family. Whether you are an occasional visitor to the city or a resident, you want to keep reading.

The New Victory Theater is a non-profit New York theater located on 42nd Street. Since 1995 they have prided themselves on offering kids and families a chance to experience quality theater at affordable prices. Their shows span dozens of genres from classic plays, dance troupes, and puppet shows, to classic rock and small orchestras. The theater offers visitors stroller parking, booster seats, and snacks to make visiting with children more convenient. The hassle-free process from the ticket booth to the seat has been a selling point for The New Vic’s almost 2 million visitors. Known for their kid-friendly and accommodating staff, The New Victory Theater works to create a fun and carefree environment.

Educational Partnerships

The theater continually works to partner with schools and educators. The New Vic offers three types of education partnerships: school, after-school and summer. These partnerships feature a myriad of benefits, including online resources for classroom use, exclusive day-time shows and workshops.

The facility also offers discounts for school and scouting groups looking for an inspiring day out with friends. The New Vic is known as one of the top field trip spots for New York schools and youth groups. It’s also a great spot for birthday parties and other celebrations. As an added bonus, if your student is looking for a first job or internship, The New Victory offers employment for students interested in learning the theater business. No matter what you theatrical tastes are if you’re looking for a great spot for the whole family to enjoy a show, The New Victory Theater has plenty to offer.

Automatic Membership Advantages

If you hope to make visits to the New Victory Theater part of your regular routine but are afraid of the cost, fear not. Purchasing tickets to three different shows gives you an automatic theater membership. Members receive perks like up to 35 percent off shows for up to six tickets, exclusive invitations to free LabWorks events, 30 percent off Family Workshops and unlimited exchanges. When members want to share their love of theater with friends and family, they also receive 25 percent off ticket prices for up to 12 additional seats.

Fun for the Whole Family

Whether you already possess a love for theater or you’re just looking for a better alternative to sitcoms and board games, the New Victory Theater offers family-friendly entertainment and education simultaneously. As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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