Mon Marcel. European angle to your child’s wardrobe.

Mon Marcel. European angle to your child’s wardrobe. June 4, 2017
Mon Marcel Barcelona

Sleek lines, elegant and classic come to mind with mon marcel Barcelona Mediterranean-inspired the collection. This collection will bring a bit of a European angle to your child’s wardrobe. Their clothing is designed so, your child can have a style that is like yours with the comfort of still being children’s clothing. Mon marcel picks their fabric carefully, keeping in mind that children enjoy the comfort and a flexibility of cotton. They want the clothes to reflect the softness of having a baby in your arms.

Mon marcelluence is depicted throughout the collections she has designed. Mon marcel is a fair-trade company that takes part of their profit every year to put towards a charity.

In 2012 mon marcel won the junior design award as, “Best international fashion brand.” Your child will enjoy the comfortable and a sleek Mediterranean vibe of their clothing while vacationing on the beach or, exploring the Greek Islands.

mon marcel
Mon marcel lets your child be free to move with their clothing and teaches them that it is always important to give back as well as, treat the people making the clothing fairly. What a great message to send to your children while still buying stylish clothing.

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