Misha & Puff. Wool is wonderful for babies and kids!

Misha & Puff. Wool is wonderful for babies and kids! July 1, 2017

The seventies are calling and it is knitwear central. Misha & Puff was established in 2011 after Anna Wallack and Ashley Rao started to work together on creating the thoughtful clothes we want our children to wear. Their collection is thought to be stylish without the fuss. Today, ladies in Peru hand knit every piece in the Misha & Puff collections and even add their names to the tag which gives a special touch. This collaboration with the women in Peru and Misha & Puff has helped the women to take care of their families.

misha and puff

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If the women chose to work at the knitting center it provides day care as well as meals. This working environment helps women not only establish a better life for themselves, it allows them to use their skills to provide beautiful pieces of clothing. Misha & Puff provide not only clothing but accessories as well as nursery and home. They use three types of yarn to keep your little one’s clothing soft and comfortable for them to dream in and explore. Each piece of clothing has a vintage feel ranging from the 1950’s to 1970’s. Misha and Puff’s motto is

“We Believe In Making Beautiful, Functional Pieces To Last Forever. Everyday, We Create The World We Want Our Children To Live In. Everything Counts. This Is The One Way We Contribute To That World.”

Your little one will look cute as a button while wearing clothing from a brand that understands the value of the world and the idea that their clothing is sustainable. The knitwear will last longer if it is hand dried and laid flat which is what keeps their clothing everlasting. The brand will never go out of style as they pull their inspiration from other decades which make them sought after for children’s wear.

misha and puff

By helping Peruvian women put their skills to good use while providing a healthy working environment with child care is an important value when it comes to where you chose your child’s clothing. There are knitting patterns that are provided on the website if you care to give knitting a go or, help your child develop a new skill. Misha & Puff is a chic and ambitious brand that will have your little one swept away in the vintage style.

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