Malu Organic’s new discovery.

Imagine a magical place that is peaceful, free, and all embracing. Where all kids regardless of gender or race can come together to play, study, and celebrate life. This can be your child’s reality. Start your journey with us now!

Malu Organic’s new discovery. July 3, 2017
malu organic

There nothing better than hearing that Malu Organics cares about your child the environment and the people making the clothing. They use only fair-trade 100% organic cotton with no chemicals or toxins. They are introducing hemp into their earthy and caveman inspired collections. Helping the environment and having a small carbon footprint is important to Malu Organic which is why they decided to harvest hemp. Hemp is harvested in three months using less water and less land. We can only applaud Malu Organic for helping to make Earth a healthier place for little ones to grow in.

Malu Organics collection is raw and still embraces a child-like presence. Each of the patterns are hand printed making the individual pieces unique with no two pieces exactly alike. They are also using organic cotton velour which is a new discovery that this brand has been searching for.

malu organic

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Malu Organics is truly sui generis making their own colors for their clothing. This brand shows your little one that standing out and being the best person you can be is a value that should always stay with us throughout our years. Going back to the simpler and raw days is exactly what this collection embodies. Malu Organics makes it their mission to create a beautiful collection without sparing the environment or people; instead, they look for new ways to make their collection safe for you children to wear. Moving through meadows and letting their minds escape reality is what is envisioned for children who wear this brand.

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