Inbar Lanir. Israeli Judo Athlete.

Inbar Lanir. Israeli Judo Athlete. April 29, 2017
inbar lanir israel judo

At what age and where did you start training?
I started training Judo at the age of 5 in my hometown Yehud that is near Tel Aviv.

inbar linar

What advice you would give to a kid who is inspiring to achieve the things that you’ve reached? How she might be able to get an edge in that journey?
My advice is to focus on the goal but to enjoy the journey. Some days will be so difficult you would want to quit, but those are the times you need to overcome the obstacles because every difficulty will bring you closer to achieve your dreams. You need to remind yourself you are strong, you experience things that most of the kids your age will never experience. Remind yourself you can do it! There are ups and downs but you’ve got to keep on moving because this is the only way up.

What would you recommend to a much younger you when you just started to train or practice?
The most important thing is to love what you do and enjoy every second of it! I would recommend to invest and to work hard in training to keep on going and to keep my head up with patience because good things are on the road.

inbar linar israeli judo athlete

Your favorite(s) schools that you’ve trained or practiced?
I train full time at the women’s national team in Wingate Institute in Netanya. It’s amazing there, the training is high level and the team is like one big family. I have 11 training sessions a week, 8 Judo and 3 gym sessions.

inbar lanir israeli judo

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