Dyo Ministyling is bringing ethical fashion to life.

Dyo Ministyling is bringing ethical fashion to life. June 4, 2017
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Becoming ethical within the fashion industry can be hard to do but, not with dyo ministyling. Dyo ministyling is bringing ethical fashion to life with their collection of children’s wear. Each piece of clothing is made ethically, for children ages one to twelve. If your child doesn’t enjoy having buttons, tags, and zippers on their clothing then, dyo ministyling will be the comfortable clothing your child will flourish in. Not only, is their clothing allergy free, they are moving in the direction of helping our planet continue to thrive.

Dyo ministyling, is a brand new ethical children’s clothing company established in 2016. They focus on simple yet, stylish clothing that can be worn every day. By supporting dyo ministyling efforts to have an ethical clothing store for children, you are supporting, good working conditions, no child labor, no pesticides or, chemicals in the fabric, and no farming of animals. You are also, showing your child that the planet and people are important which, need to be taken care of: this is what dyo ministyling embodies within their collection.

Dyo Ministyling

With minimalistic, stylish and ethical ways dyo ministyling will grow with your child and help them learn to care for the environment. Along with no buttons, zippers, tags and being eco-friendly the clothing is also, allergen free. Your child will be free to move and groove without anything getting in the way of their freedom.

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