11 coding camps for girls to excel in programming

11 coding camps for girls to excel in programming April 28, 2017

Today, coding is second nature to most children. The 2017 fiscal budget included a $4 million budget to include computer science and, coding classes in the regular K-12 curriculum. Girls who are interested in coding can be getting a head start at coding camps. Listed below are these amazing coding camps for girls to learn and develop their programming skills.

Girls who Code
Girls who Code summer immersion program is partnered with fifty-one companies that your child will get to work with. Each week within the seven weeks, the girls learn computer science, storytelling, apps and, much more. The girls get to put their skills to the test and, work on different projects such as coding a mp3 player. They will be surrounded with like-minded girls and mentors who will help them build confidence and, friendships. Girls who Code are providing this program for free for girls in tenth through eleventh grade.

App Camp for Girls
App Camp for Girls will provide your girls with skills to create their own app in a week. All the women who work/founded the camp are highly decorated when it comes to understanding how to create an inviting and, helpful environment for the children to develop their apps. It is their mission, “To empower girls by providing engaging and accessible educational programs in software development”. They also, provide an environment that is accepting of girls who identify as females, trans-gender or gender non-conforming. Not only do they want to mend the inequality gap within in the coding industry between men and, women they also, want all girls to feel accepted when they come to the camp. Their main goal is to teach your child how to create an app within the week which, they hope will help continue their interest in coding. appcamp4girls

SquareUp Code Camp
SquareUp Code Camp is looking to shape the future of the tech world by providing a one week camp for high school spring breakers. While only one percent of high school girls say, they are interested in computer science, the demand will be at a high of 1.4 million computer specialist job openings by 2020. Their hope is to find bright high school students who can change these statistics by participating in this program. Your child will have one on one mentorships and, hands on learning experience.

Alexa Café
There are nine programs for your girls ages 10-15 to take while attending Alexa Café. The programs are created to promote entrepreneurship, leadership, social activism and, inspire new generation of STEM. This all-girls camp focuses on giving your child the skills to code, develop apps and, much more. Your child will be in programs with girls who also, have a passion for the same subject matter and, will encourage each other while working together.

Emagination Computer Camps
Emagination Computer Camps believes in helping your child build social, tech and, life skills. They realize that children can get stressed out when learning which, is why they incorporate organized activities and, social development. They provide three different camps per your child’s interests; Computer Camp, Programming Camp and, Game Design Camp. Each program focuses on these core skills as well as, incorporating the social skills your child will need throughout life. Each program is well rounded and, your child will make friends with similar interests.

imacs is Hi-Tech summer camp where they combine math and science with sports. Your child will be working independently as well as, in groups with children who think in a likeminded way. Logic puzzles, computer programming and, electronics are some of the many ways they will be learning and, developing how to look at problems in a more creative mindset. imacs has camps for children in grades 1-2, 3-8 and, 9-12. Each camp is designed toward the grade level and the ability of the child. Children who have attended this camp have graduated from colleges such as, Harvard and, MIT.

Embark Labs
Embark Labs is all about having a creative space for your child to feel free to learn and, develop their skills. They focus on computer science and, problem-solving which, with help them when coding. Through a program your child will learn these skills in a hands-on approach. Embark Labs takes an innovative approach while, mixing the children in different teams not based on age. They mix the ages to help all the children learn to listen and, communicate with each other.

Tynker Coding for Kids
Your child will learn coding skills through online games. Each time your child levels up there is a new skill for them to learn and, they will continue to develop their skills throughout this program. Your child can start this program at the age of seven, giving them a great start at developing their skills in computer science. Eventually, your child will learn physics and, then make their way to the last level of JavaScript and, Python. If your child is a visual learner and, enjoys video games this is a great way to kick start their knowledge of coding. You can even follow your child’s progress through your parent dashboard. Visit Tynker for more on coding for kids.

National Computer Camps
National Computer Camps not only has computer classes but, your child can incorporate tennis, basketball or, soccer. The campers will be building confidence while, learning to code, design video games, taking computers apart and, writing a web page. These are all skills they can bring with them into building future careers within the tech industry. The camp was established in 1977 and, they accept beginner skill sets as well as, advanced skill set campers.

black girls Code
black girls code camp is looking to train one million girls by 2040 and, have their girls fill the 1.4 million tech jobs that will be available in the U.S. by 2020. They wish to increase the number of women of color within the tech industry. Girls from ages 7-17 with an interest in tech jobs will learn the skills to acquire jobs in the STEM fields. They will learn how to develop apps, creative thinking, problem solving and, develop confidence amongst their peers. Once the girls finish the projects they had been working on they present them which, help develop their public speaking skills.

Make School
Students will learn in an instructor-student 1:12 ratio based on the level they choose. This program comes in four levels; beginner, intermediate, advanced and, expert. Students have gone on to attend CS Programs at Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Carnegie Mellon and, Harvard. The classes at Make School are small so, the instructor can focus on each student to help students develop their skills and, excel at each level.

We’d love to recommend a book:
Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World
“Reshma Saujani and Girls Who Code are changing the face of tech, one girl at a time. This book is an invitation for every girl to join the movement for a more equal and better future.” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and founder of LeanIn.Org & OptionB.Org

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