Christian Youth Theater. Building Character… One Stage At A Time!

Christian Youth Theater. Building Character… One Stage At A Time! September 11, 2016

What is Christian Youth Theater (CYT)?

CYT stands for Christian Youth Theater. CYT started in San Diego, CA, in 1981 and now has affiliates nationwide, including CYT NYC, which currently serves NYC, Northern NJ and Western CT. The theater provides quality theater arts training for ages 5-18 while promoting and instilling Judeo-Christian values. However, they welcome families of all faiths. CYT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. CYT NYC is entering its 5th year of offering after-school training classes, workshops and full-scale musical productions.

How CYT is different? What’s unique about CYT?

The ‘C’ in Christian Youth Theater is our core foundation and is ultimately what makes our organization truly unique. CYT NYC provides quality training in character development, not just in theater arts. Through training, students develop both skills and character that can translate to any environment. CYT seeks to be a supportive and wholesome environment to learn, grow and develop confidence. Our staff seeks to inspire all students to achieve their God-given artistic potential and pursue excellence!


What are CYT’s goals?

CYT seeks to train youth in the performing arts, build leadership skills, cultivate confidence in our students, and foster a sense of mutual respect and camaraderie that leads to lasting friendships.

Can you tell us about your classes and students’ age range?

Students ages 5-18 can choose from a variety of theater arts classes, which run in 9-week sessions during the school year. Class offerings rotate and may include Drama, Dance, Voice, and Musical Theater. In addition, CYT offers other specialty classes like Technical Theater, Stage Combat, Audition Technique and more!

Can anyone join or is there an audition process?

There is something for everyone at CYT! No previous theater experience is required to enroll in CYT training classes. However, each spring, CYT NYC produces a full-scale musical production at an Off-Broadway theatre in NYC. In this case, auditions are held for students ages 8-18 in all CYT areas.

Are your shows full-scale musical productions?

Each spring, CYT students have the unique opportunity to perform a full-scale musical production on an Off-Broadway stage in NYC. Our creative team pursues a high standard of professional excellence, and our audiences are repeatedly amazed at the quality of CYT NYC’s shows. Patrons comment on the production values and the talent of our cast.  how well they work together and support one another both on stage and off stage.

Part of the magic of CYT productions is all the work that goes on behind the scenes. CYT parents and siblings get involved in helping with the show, making it a truly family-centric experience. Students ages 10-18 may also enroll in Technical Theater Class in the spring and then be involved in helping to run the backstage elements of the production.


Instructors’ backgrounds? 

CYT hires highly qualified and professional instructors. They hand-pick teachers with appropriate backgrounds in theater arts, through higher education, professional experience or both. Most importantly, our CYT teachers are required to be good role models for students.

Please tell us about after-school programs.

All classes run in 9-week sessions and begin after school hours. The theater offers open classes in multiple areas for ages 5-18. CYT@school offers programs on school campuses in coordination with an individual school. Schools may request CYT programs at their facility for their students by emailing



Do you offer scholarships?

A few need-based work study scholarships are available each session. We encourage students to apply for scholarships prior to the start of each session. CYT also offers sibling discounts for families enrolling more than one student.

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Thank you Christian Youth Theater and Richelle Blauvelt for this wonderful interview! We wish you well and continuous success!

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