What The Children’s Museum of Arts New York has to offer?

What The Children’s Museum of Arts New York has to offer? June 11, 2017
Children's Museum of the Arts

Check out what the Children’s Museum of Arts in NY could offer your artsy kids. Hint: it’s way more than a gallery of paintings. Much more!

If your child loves drawing, coloring, or working with their hands, the Children’s Museum of Arts is the perfect place to add to your New York trip itinerary. Located on Charlton Street, the CMA is a great place for children to stretch their creative wings and learn new skills. The museum offers dozens of constantly changing exhibits that explore art inspired by the masters. It features interactive and educational exhibits from the wonders of space to the depths of the rain forest, and everywhere in between.

Children's Museum of the Arts

You also have to option to sign your child up for classes. The museum offers daily enrollment classes that teach the basics of painting, drawing, sculpting, and other forms of art. For the occasional visitor, there are also drop-in classes for ages five and below. The daily workshops cater to dozens of different interests. Museum staff designed workshops to offer kids a safe and welcoming environment in which to create. If you have a teenager, the museum provides programs for teens and young adults looking to sharpen their creative potential. The facility is also available for school groups and birthday parties. This gives young students a chance to work collaboratively in creating artwork they can truly be proud of. If your child would prefer one-on-one instruction, private lessons are also available.

If you’re looking for a structured after-school activity, consider enrolling your child in one of the museum’s seasonal colonies. In winter, spring, and summer, Children’s Museum of Arts offers kids the chance to join a small learning group known as a colony. The day camp feel lets kids work and grow together, while the small class size gives an opportunity for individualized personal instruction. For adult artists, CMA also offers team building classes for businesses looking to foster a sense of creativity in employees. Small businesses or teams can learn and grow together while having fun with trained artists. All of CMA’s instructors are trained artists, filmmakers, and creative thinkers looking to share their talents with the community. For students of all ages, CMA is a fantastic outlet to sharpen your artistic skills and redefine creative thinking.Children's Museum of the Arts

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The Children’s Museum of Arts is a great place to find safe, family friendly fun. Whether going for a day out with the family, looking for a new after-school activity or trying to find the perfect school field trip, they offer some of the best of the city. After-school activities no longer have to be boring or mundane. Sampling some of these activities can open doors that you never dreamed for your child, and create a lifelong love of fine art.

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