12 Spectacular Summer Camps 2017 in NY & NJ

12 Spectacular Summer Camps 2017 in NY & NJ June 30, 2017

There are many unique camps that children can attend and these are the 12 camps that will make your child’s summer of 2017 spectacular. Your child with be enthralled in the thrills of summer camp where they get to have new adventures every day. They will get to meet other children their age and build friendships that last a lifetime. If you would like your child to attend camp so they can discover the magic that camp brings, the list below will provide exactly that.

Action Quest
Set sail on camp voyage as your child learns to sail and build on their character traits.
Action Quest has your child work with other teens their age to become educated in sailing and leadership. They learn to work together as a crew while gaining skills that they will be able to use as adults. Action Quest has a creative, innovative, and interactive program that allows your child to learn the ins and outs of sailing while on board a ship. The program has become so successful that there are six destinations your child can choose to start their adventure on. Most of the activities that your child will be provided with are centered around the water such as water sports, scuba diving, and land excursions. Your child will get a firsthand experience learning about marine biology and community service. This adventure will forever be a memory and an experience that your child can execute in their everyday living.

Camp Jeanne D’arc
Magic is one of the many spectacular words used to describe Camp Jeanne D’arc. This camp has been around for ninety-two years and the reviews from parents could not be more flattering; their girls thrived while attending the camp and have embodied the camp essence of the girls learning to be “empowered”. The camp wants the girls to have a great time while focusing on activities that are team building and help the girls learn that they can accomplish any task they set their minds to. Camp Jeanne D’arc has many traditions that will become everlasting memories talked about for years to come. The activities range from horseback riding to hiking and many more. The one tradition that was endearing about the camp is the Team and Feather picking which decides which team the girls are on over their time at the camp. They have friendly competitions together which is reminiscent of Hogwarts without all the wizards but still with the magic of being at camp. The camp is for girls and it is a sleep away camp. The girls make friends and develop bonds that will last a lifetime.

Camp Schodock
They provide an adventure filled environment that is welcoming. Each new camper is assigned a big brother or sister who they get to know a couple weeks before camp; after camp begins the big brothers/sister are there to support the new camper and help them to work through being homesick and enjoy everything that camp has to offer. Camp Schodock has waterfront, sports, outdoor/adventure, and creative arts activities. The camp owners are there on a 24/7 basis to get to know the campers and help them adjust to the camp life. The camp owner’s son, Matt, is the fourth generation in his family to help run the camp. He is a licensed clinical physiologist who wrote his dissertation on homesickness. They want the children to feel comfortable at the camp and they learn about who they hang out with so they bunk the children with their friends. The camp provides a wide variety of food in the mess hall realizing that not every child likes the same style of food. The camp provides a family style dinner at each table and the children are welcome to the fruit and salad bars. Camp Schodock’s campers feel at home at the camp and can’t wait to challenge themselves in each activity they take on.

Lexi Ruskell

Pixel Academy
Pixel academy’s focus is on the tech-savvy camper who wants to learn about computer science. The camp takes AP college-level classes and reworks them for children who range in ages seven to fourteen. Your child gets to dive into the world of tech with, virtual reality and creative digital art. If your child has a knack for the technical world this camp is dedicated to teach them and help them grow with children who have the same interests.

Camp Twelve Trails
Camp Twelve Trails is dedicated to making sure each child gets to share in activities that they would like to further their skills in. Upon entering the camp as a kindergarten through second grader the camp allows each child to explore all the neighborhoods which include, play, create, explore, discover, and grow. Within each neighborhood is an activity such as farm to the table where a child will spend half of their camp day learning. Your child gets to choose which topic they would like to learn more about and for that week they will get to discover and explore all about it. The second half of the camp provides traditional camp activities like swimming.

Steve & Kate’s Camp
Steve & Kates Camp philosophy is “when you trust kids, they trust themselves.” This camp is a little unorthodox when it comes to summer camp and it is quite freeing for the children. They do have a schedule but your child is free to roam from different activities as they see fit. The camp wants your child to be able to make decisions on their own and provide themselves with a fun camp experience where they choose to do what they wanted to do. As children are growing they need the freedom to explore and make up their minds which is a skill they will need further down the line. The campers can choose from five creative studios and a large variety of activities. If your child is sewing and wants to switch to coding they are free to do so. Allowing the child to choose where they want to be will help them to focus on the activity and they will be able to work well with the other children interested in the similar activity. Steve & Kate’s camp offers Launchpad for the wee campers. Launchpad is used to help your little ones become accustomed to the camp and help them remember to take potty breaks. The camp makes it clear that the little campers are participating in the same activities but, they may need a little extra help remembering important things like having a snack. In the kitchen are two adult chefs and four children chefs. It is unique that children are participating in the making of a meal and speaks volumes to how the camp embodies its motto. They also, hand the lunch to the children so, they have plenty of time to sit down, eat and chat with their friends. The camp provides seventeen meal choices a week and encourages a healthy range of food. The camp wants to expand children’s palettes and give them a chance to experience a taste of the many cultures around the world.

Replay Music Studios
Are your children ready to rock? This camp is weeklong for new and practiced musicians. Your child is taught: learning about what music or musicians influence them getting to play songs they chose creating and arranging their own music as well as, getting to record an perform their music. If you child is already composing their own music this program would be great opportunity to help them further tap into their skills. Your child will not only have a rocking time but, meet other children that they could possibly collaborate with to continue writing music.

Russian Enrichment Program-Kibbutznik Summer Camp
Park Slope
Kibbutznik Summer Camp where children learn the Russian language and dive into to the Jewish culture. The camp has a way of teaching children that combine activities and interactions through games. The children are taught using themes such as Russian-Jewish fairytales. The campers are taught to be creative using “recycled items to set the table for Sabbat.” They also, learn about world-renowned painters and sculptors in which they are able to make their own creations. There is a large focus on the arts as, they also, incorporate dance, music, and theater into the campers’ schedule. They didn’t forget that your child also needs a bit more physical activity which is why they provide swimming. This camp is a great program for parents who want their children to be immersed in the Russian and Jewish culture.

Main Beach Camps
Surf’s Up, the Main Beach Camps are providing your child the safety and knowledge to become a surfer. Each day they will get the safety instructions for the ocean and how to tell when it is too dangerous to go in or, what kind of conditions to look out for. The surf lesson is about two hours and the ratio is two students per coach. Lunch is served at 12:30 p.m. and is catered by Hampton’s Market Place. If your child needs a break from the salty seas they provide fun beach activities and beach toys for them to play with. After all, it is camp and they may want to spend time with their new friends. They end at 3:30 p.m. when it is time to pick up your child from their fun day of learning at the beach. On Friday, there are surf competitions between the campers all parents are invited to attend these competitions. The surf is not always great at one beach so, the camp will update their Instagram page to tell all the parents which beach they could surf at. Your child will be properly instructed on the safety of surfing get to catch a wave make friends and have an awesome time doing something that they love.

The Park Slope Day Camp
The Park Slope Day Camp is a moving camp in which they take full advantage of their surroundings. They hand pick each camp counselor and train them to be kind as that is the main goal of the camp is kindness. They understand that your child will talk about their memories well beyond the last camp fire which is why they want to provide your child with a fun filled week at camp. They offer nine different camps catering to what camp experience your child would like to have. They also, offer open houses and webinars so, the parents can learn more about which camp their child would like to attend.

NJY Camps
NJY Camps where each camp offers different activities that your child would thrive in. Camp Nah-Jee-Wah is built for children entering first grade through sixth grade. They have built an environment where your child can just be a child. The camp has an endless amount of activities and the children feel like part of the camp community. Cedar Lake Camp is for children entering seventh grade to ninth grade. Your child will never be bored as there are six hundred campers and two-hundred camp counselors. They offer your child over seventy-five different activities to give your child a wide variety of choices. Teen Camp is designed for children entering tenth grade to eleventh grade. This program is about helping your child grow through leadership and helping the community. There are six other camps that specialize in inclusion, co-ed, girls orthodox, family vacations, specialties and they provide an adult camp as well. There is a never-ending list when it comes to the camp opportunities provided by the NJY Camps.

Forest Lake Camp
Forest Lake Camp provides three different camps; boys camp, girls camp, and family camp. The brother/sister camp setting is to provide siblings the opportunity and space to grow. The camp is not co-ed however the brother/sister method is designed specifically for families that have siblings attending camp in the same area but they can develop on their own with new friends and space apart. The parents can drop off and pick up the siblings when camp starts and when camp is over as the camps’ start and end at the same time. Your child or children will be provided with many activities such as horseback riding and sailing over the course of their time spent at camp. Each camper will grow learn and make new friends that will last over the course of many years.

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